Privacy policy

Privacy policy for Enabatalmansek Application

Item 1: Introduction

 The application management shall ensure, secure and commit to providing the best standards of service and the obligation to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of user data and input data as the basis of the privacy policy. The application management shall only disclose such information in accordance with the disciplines specified in section IV (Use and disclosure).

Item 2: User Data

User data and information means each and any of the following:

-Personal data used for registration

- Geographic location data and user movements data

-Contact data information and usage updates

-Other user input information such as exit permit applications, communications and responses to questionnaires.


Item 3: Collection and storage of information

Collection of information:

Contact information: The Enabatalmansek application collects some device data that improves and helps the experience, such as device language and system type. At the same time, the app determines the geographical location of the user to issue permits and other notifications in the app in accordance with domestic regulations of Saudi Arabia.



Input information:  

User information entered is saved and displayed through the application and includes exit permit applications, responses to any questionnaires and communications.

Information storage: User information is stored in servers specified by the Enabatalmansek application management in Saudi Arabia, and the app management ensures that these servers are protected against hacking and unauthorized entering in accordance with applicable standards.

Item 4: Use and disclosure: The Enabatalmansek application services and uses are subject to criteria approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia, which aim to facilitate obtaining permits to enter the Two holy Mosques for various purposes and to obtain other notifications sent by the app. The User agrees to protect his personal information and the application does not disclose it to anyone. The application does not disclose this personal information to anyone except in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in accordance with domestic regulations of Saudi Arabia.

Access to user information is limited to authorized employees in apps management and for the purposes and uses determined by the policies adopted by the management of the application.

Non-identifiable user data may be used in cumulative statical data and indicators and shared with all relevant entities as the application management deems appropriate and for public interest.  



Item 5: External links

The app may offer links to other parties, and the app is not responsible for how other parties collect or use user's personal identification information and the user bears full responsibility for his/her data.

 Item 6: User's responsibility to protect privacy

We recommend the following steps to protect user information:

1- Instant contact with the application's technical support when the user believes that someone else has access information to his account or any other classified information.

2-Not to give any confidential information over the phone or the internet unless the identity of the person or party receiving the information is known.

3-do not sharing access information with others such as (username and password), and not allowing others to use the user's account in the application.

4- Use the application through a secure electronic device, close unused Internet-related applications and ensure that the virus protection program is constantly up-to-date

 Item 7: General provisions

The Enabatalmansek application reserves the right to add or change any privacy policy provisions and the application management will notify the user. The application management is entitled to terminate the user account in the event that the user does not accept any change in privacy policy.

Arabic language is adopted in the application of terms and conditions, In case there is disagreement in the interpretation of any text in any other language, the written text is presented in Arabic.