The company of performing rituals seeks to establish scientific foundations and define legal frameworks for all acts of Hajj and Umrah by proxy, in order for everyone to be safe during the performance of the rituals. Therefore, the company was keen to form a legal advisory committee for all schools of jurisprudence. Those wishing to delegate and answer questions and inquiries through the application or the company’s website. This committee includes a group of specialized legal scholars who have links to a number of jurisprudence bodies and academies in all countries of the world benefiting from the program.


  1. His Eminence Sheikh Dr. / Muhammad bin Muhammad Al-Najem Al-Shanqeeti
  2. His Eminence Sheikh Dr. / Ali bin Jamal Al-Din Al-Hayjan
  3. His Eminence Sheikh Dr. / Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Radi
  4. His Eminence Sheikh Dr. / Ibrahim bin Nasser Al-Bishr
  5. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Bishr
  6. His Eminence Sheikh/ Salih bin Ali Al Waleedi Al Shehri
  7. His Eminence Sheikh / Saud Muhaimid Barak Al-Nafi'i
  8. His Eminence Sheikh Faisal bin Fahd Al-Ahmad
  9. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Haddad Al-Qahtani
  10. Azhari Mahmoud Mohamed (Secretary-General and Secretary of the Committee)